Organic Certification 



Organic Certification

Giannone Poultry obtained the Organic Certification and can provide to the markets whole chicken and primary cuts packed in bulk or counter-ready pre-packed.






Halal Certification - Hand Slaughtering

Giannone Poultry obtained the Halal Certification and is able to provide the Muslim community with high quality products like whole chickens and primary cuts packed in bulk or country-ready packed.




Hygiene and Quality Control - HACCP Program

Giannone is firmly commited to bringing you the highest quality, federally inspected chickens, regulated by HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). An important part of the HACCP program is to have an efficient recall system. All documents relating to production (raw and finished product), invoicing and inventory control are all documented and ready to be accessed if necessary. Along with the documentation at hand, a recall team has been put in operation and each person involved have been assigned a key role and are monitored on a regular basis in assuring the efficiency of the program.






SQF, level 2 certification

Certification obtained; November 2011.