In 1989, a family-owned poultry business made a decision that would launch the company to the top of its industry. Six years later Giannone was honoured by PME Magazine with the coveted Grand Prix Award in the Sales Growth category, in recognition of its impressive 1,543% increase in sales between 1989 and 1994.

This feat was achieved by identifying the growing concerns that will prevail well into the 21st century. Giannone's response was to implement the latest processing procedures - a move that demanded a new operating philosophy backed by a major commitment in capital investment. The exploding growth that followed is testimony that this strategic move was on the mark.

Today, Giannone possesses an impressive client list that includes wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and hotels throughout eastern Canada and the United States. Yet, the company is determined to extend its success beyond its technological process.

With an innovative approach to its technology and markets, Giannone is certain to continue its consistent growth while maintaining the family business tradition of exceptional products.