GIannone Poultry is the leader in the industry as it is able to treat all of its processing water consumption to a norm below government regulations.  Which enables us to return our treated water to our local river as clean as it was. 

Also, Giannone Poutry has a boiler room system that uses wood to create steam for its plant usage.  This system eliminates the burning of diesel fuel to create steam.  THe boiler system has also helped in reducing our electrical consumption dramatically.  By creating steam, we are able to heat most departments in our facilities with steam exchangers instead of installing electrical heaters.

Giannone Poultry is currently working on implementing a new system to add sludge created by the processing to the wood to create steam for the plant.  By this will reduce wood consumption and helps the environment in a big way.

We recommend to our customers to have their chickens packed in CVP bags and put in plastic totes to save on waxed boxes.

Giannone Poultry also participates in the recyling of papers, carton, plastic, and metal.