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The Giannone method comes from our history and our philosophy.


The latest standards

Being creative. Leading instead of following. Showing respect in everything we do.
This is why Giannone Poultry stands alone among North-American processing plants. Everything is designed, built and operated by the people at Giannone themselves to proudly offer more wholesome, tastier chicken. Giannone meets the highest standards of quality, productivity, humane ethics and respect for the environment.

Giannone picks up and transports its chickens to avoid unduly stressing them. This is done for the quality of the meat; but above all, as a question of respect for the animal welfare.

The Giannone air-chilling system with no water added is unique in North America. This is a vital step in the production of superior quality, better tasting, more wholesome chicken. But there is much more to the Giannone method. It starts with developing close relations with producers and monitoring chickens throughout their growth period.


Turn key products

First, we pay attention to all the details that make Giannone chicken quite simply the best chicken you can buy. This added value is found in each and every product we develop in partnership with our customers.

Giannone brings this same creativity and forward thinking to our partnerships with customers by helping them offer distinctive products. Giannone handle every step of the process, from cuts, recipes, packaging and display, to delivery of a shelf-ready product.

Giannone is a value-added processing plant.

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Our history

A family business deeply rooted in Saint-Cuthbert, Giannone Poultry began its operations with small-game birds. The company as we know it today really took off in 1989 following a major shift in operations.

Observing the growing and ongoing concerns with health and food safety, Giannone Poultry invested heavily in the development of unique processing methods and brought fundamental changes to its operational philosophy.

Everything had to be rethought – new equipment was invented, operating methods were revised and standards were developed – all aimed at producing the very best chicken.

Today, Giannone Poultry supplies an impressive list of customers in the wholesale, retail and restaurant sectors across Canada and the north-eastern United States. Building on its  technological advances, the company constantly works to expand operations. Giannone Poultry is committed to providing the highest quality, federally inspected chicken. All Giannone chicken is GFSI HACCP*/SQF Level 2 certified and recognized under the GFSI** program.

Its innovative approach to technologies and to markets has allowed Giannone Poultry to continue to grow while maintaining the proud family tradition of offering its customers outstanding quality products.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points **Global Food Safety Initiative

Our people

Over the years, the company has built an enviable reputation in the poultry industry. We owe this reputation to our employees, who take animal welfare to heart and constantly strive to deliver an exceptional product in every respect. Their dedication, ingenuity and motivation constitute the core values in which our customers can always place their trust.


Our humane ethics

We work with live animals. It goes without saying that the quality of breeding, transportation and processing directly affects the quality of the product on the consumer's plate. It's a question of added value at the commercial level.

For us, this means that we have a great responsibility toward the living animal. The Giannone method is based on ethical concerns for the welfare of animal and humane care.

We give our chickens the time to complete their normal growth cycle, making sure that they are grain-fed with corn, soy and wheat supplemented with natural vitamins and minerals. All our chickens are raised in barns to give them enough room for freedom of movement. Humane care results in a more tender, tastier product.

To establish a high level of consumer trust, our technologically-advanced traceability system can trace each cut of meat from the hatchery, to the producers, to our processing plant and right up to our customers.

Our respect for the environment

Giannone Poultry demonstrates leadership on the environment by treating its wastewater according to innovative processes developed in collaboration with the CRIQ (Centre de Recherche Industrielles du Québec). The BIOSORMD process was developed to treat waste water and exceeds government environmental norms by reducing exponentially the contaminants charges (Nitrates, Phosphorus, Total Sudpended Solid,…..etc.). This allows us to return water to nature as clean as the local River.

In addition, the company has a biomass combustion system using wood to heat and create the steam required for production and plant needs. This system eliminates the use of diesel fuel, substantially reducing the company's environmental footprint, but that's not all; Indeed Our research and development team have realized and implemented a system to convert the sludge to use as fuel that is mixed with wood to produce steam and hot water for the plant. This greatly reduces the demand for electrical energy as well as that of wood for the proper functioning of our installations.

All our waste water treatment, sludge recycling and biomass and sludge heating systems are governed by certificates of authorization issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MDDELCC).

In fact, we are particularly proud, as a company and as citizens, to confirm that a tiny fraction of the waste is sent to a landfill. Few plants can boast of achieving such a low environmental impact.