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Simply the best chicken!

The Giannone Method


A quality chicken starts with the best egg.

To produce the best tasting, best quality chicken, Giannone oversees every detail, from the egg to the grocery shelf or restaurant table. We choose our chicken producers with care.

Raising chicken

The best quality chicken comes from the finest raising method.

It is said that we are what we eat, and this is true for animals too. Our requirements cover the kind of food that chickens are fed and the overall conditions under which they are raised. We also promote animal welfare and humane care so that we may offer our customers chickens that were raised under the best conditions.

Transportation and slaughtering

By respecting the animal, we respect the consumer.

The transportation of live chickens from the producer to the slaughterhouse is a critical step in the whole transformation process. We make sure that the chickens are transported under the best conditions. Handling and slaughtering operations are conducted in a matter to reduce stress to a minimum. Respect for the animal welfare is as much a question of ethics as it is of quality meat.

Our chilling process

By remaining dry, the meat remains wholesome and flavourful.

With our totally unique chilling method, we have perfected a 100% air-chilling process that ensures greater food safety and superior natural flavor. Unlike other methods employed in North America, there is no added water in Giannone chicken. Our chilling process reduces the risk of contamination and conserves the meat's natural juices, preserving also its precious enzymes and proteins.

Vacuum-seal technology

For the ultimate in appearance, flavour, shelf-life and food safety

Take advantage of a product that is fully vacuum-sealed over the entire surface in contact with the tray. In addition to improving presentation and optimizing the conservation of every cut, this method enhances flavour. Vacuum-sealed packaging serves to accentuate the action of the seasonings or marinade.

Custom products for retailers and restaurants

The best chicken is good; presented your way is better.

We have innovated to the point that we had to coin the term "value-added processing plant" to define what we do. We are forming more and more product development partnerships in areas of cuts, recipes, packaging and shelf display. This all-inclusive approach means we can create custom, value-added products for retailers and restaurants.

Discover our custom products